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Ending the War in Afghanistan

Our longest war isn't over yet.

December 31, 2014 was supposed to mark the end of US combat operations in Afghanistan.  Now, it appears that' won't be the case.

According to published reports, the Obama administration has authorized expanding the military mission and increasing the number of troops it will leave behind in Afghanistan by as many as 10,000.

American forces will be allowed to carry out missions against the Taliban, moving beyond the training, advising and other support roles envisioned for 2015 and beyond.

Peace Action maintains committing U.S. troops to continuing warfare lessens chances of a political settlement between the new government in Kabul and the Taliban.   Even if this decision was a direct result of an increasing aggressive and deadly military offensive by the Taliban, it will not be enough to insure a military victory.  A political settlement is the only way this conflict can be ended.

Contact President Obama and tell him you oppose expanding the military mission in Afghanistan.  Only a political settlement can end the war in Afghanistan.  Bring our troops home as promised.

Email the President at

Call the White House comment line at 202.456.1111

Write the President at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC