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Peace Voter

Peace Voter is a nonpartisan campaign that brings critical foreign policy issues to the election-year debate.

Since 1996, Peace Action has trained local activists and provided resources to on-the-ground organizers, enabling us to reach millions of voters.

Peace Voter helps give voice to the many Americans concerned about the wars and the direction of U.S. foreign policy in general. We are actively urging candidates to articulate a better path for our country; one that will increase our security and reflect our nation’s values.

Through Peace Voter, the Peace Action has distributed more than 2 million voter guides in 39 Congressional Districts. Hundreds of press hits-along with our tenacious ability to track the candidates and educate the public about their positions-gets attention and sends a clear message: foreign policy matters to voters.

Who are Peace Voters?

Peace Voters are everyday people willing to take a stand for a more responsible U.S. foreign policy. By exercising your right to vote and taking the pledge to become a Peace Voter, you can make a real impact on elections. Peace Voters are also your friends and neighbors and we need your help to find them, register them to vote and help them get to the polls in November.

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